Fault – an error or defect of judgment or conduct; deviation from prudence or duty resulting from inattention, incapacity, perversity, bad faith, or mismanagement

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1. An error or defect of judgment or of conduct; any deviation from prudence or duty resulting from inattention, incapacity, perversity, bad faith, or mismanagement.  

2. A breach of duty as an element of the tort of negligence.  Fault is a traditional element in determining the legal responsibility for an injury suffered by another.  

3. Civil law. The intentional or negligent failure to maintain some standard of conduct when that failure results in harm to another person. [1]

1. A wrongful act, omission, or breach.  UCC § 1-201(16).  An error or defect of judgment or conduct; any deviation from prudence, rectitude, or duty; any shortcoming or neglect of care or performance, resulting from inattention, incapacity, or perversity; a wrong tendency, course, or act; including, but not limited to negligence; not necessarily imputing moral delinquency. Louisville, Evansville & St. Louis Railroad Co. v Berry, 2 Ind App 427, 431. [2]

1. A wrongful act or omission.  Neglect or violation fo a legal duty; lack of prudence; failure to exercise care.  In the language of the law, “fault” indicates negligence.  In ordinary language, however, fault is not committed to negligence; it includes simple blame and moral failure as well. [3]


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