Corrupt – subverting the instrumentalities of government to personal profit; impeding or obstructing the administration of justice

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vb. (13c)

1. To change (someone’s behavior, morals, or principles) from good to bad; to pervert the integrity of.

2. To change the traditional and established form of (culture, language, etc.) so that it becomes worse than it was before.

3. To destroy or diminish the quality and usefulness of (an electronic or mechanical device or its components). [1]

1. Contaminated; spoiled; subverting the instrumentalities of government to personal profit; impeding justice and obstructing the administration of justice. United States v Polakoff (CA2 NY) 121 F2d 333. [2]

corrupt conduct (18c) 1. Conduct that might or actually does adversely affect the honest and impartial exercise of official functions by a public official.

corruptly adj. (16c) 1. In a corrupt or depraved manner; by means of corruption or bribery.  *  As used in criminal-law statutes, corruptly usually indicates a wrongful desire for pecuniary gain or other advantage. [1]


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