Types of Shares –

n. (14c)

1. An allotted portion owned by, contributed by, or due to someone ; a single portion distributed among several <each partner’s share of the profits>.

> intestate share. (18c) The share that the renouncer of a will would take in the decedent’s assets if the decedent had left no will affecting in any way the distribution of assets.

2. One of the definite number of equal parts into which the capital stock of a corporation or joint-stock company is divided <the broker advised his customer. to sell the stock shares when the price reaches $29>.  *  A share represents an equity or ownership interest in the corporation or joint-stock company.  Cf. STOCK (4); SECURITY (4).

> American share. Securities. A share of stock in a foreign corporation issued directly to US. investors through a transfer agent.

> fractional share. An unmarketable share that is less

than one full share. 0 Fractional Shares usu. result from

‘stock splits and dividend-reinvestment plans. See STOCK SPLIT; DIVIDEND-REINVESTMENT PLAN.

> fully paid Share. (1873) A share issued to a stockholder after the price of the share is met.

p golden Share. (1982) A share that controls more than half of a corporation’s voting rights and gives the Shareholder veto power over changes to the company’s charter.

v preference share. See preferred stock under STOCK.

preferred share. See preferred stock under STOCK.

r qualifying share. (1875) A share of common stock pur. chased by someone in order to become a director of a corporation that requires its directors to be sharehold ers.

3. An equitable part of nothing enjoyed or suffered in common.

Share, vb. (16C) 1. To divide (something) into portions. 2. To enjoy or partake of (a power, right, etc.).

share account. See share-draft account under ACCOUNT.

share acquisition. (1931) The acquisition of a corporae tion by purchasing all or most of its outstanding shares directly from the shareholders; TAKEOVER. -Also

termed share-acquisition transaction; stock acquisition; stock-acquisition transaction. Cf. ASSET ACQUISITION.

Share and share alike. (1841) To divide (assets, etc.) in equal

shares or proportions; to engage in per capita division. See PER CAPITA.

share certificate. See STOCK CERTIFICATE.

sharecropping. (1945) An agricultural arrangement in which a landowner leases land to a tenant who, in turn, gives the landlord a portion of the crop as rent. 0 The

landlord usu. provides the ‘seed, fertilizer, and equipment. –: sharecropper, n.

shared-appreciation mortgage. See MORTGAGE.

shared custody. See joint custody under CUSTODY (2).» shared-equity mortgage. See MORTGAGE.‘ v’ shared parenting. See PARENTING. 1

share draft. See DRAFT (1). .

share-draft account. See ACCOUNT.

Shared residency. See joint physical custody under CUSTODY.



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[1]: Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black, Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. ISBN: 978-0-314-61300-4

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