Officer – holds a position of trust or authority (an “office”) in either the government, a private organization, or in the armed services

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1. A person who holds a position of trust or authority in the government, in a corporation or other private organization, or in the armed services; a person who holds an office.

See corporate officers; executive officer; judicial officer; ministerial officer; municipal officer; public officer; trust officer.

2. A police officer, usually a uniformed officer. See law enforcement officer; peace officer.

Various Types of Officers:

officers of the court – charged with upholding the law and administering the judicial system.

28 U.S.C. § 2671 – “Employee of the government” (definition).

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official adjective [0 fish e1] Pertaining to an office or to an officer; pertaining . to that which is ordered, authorized, or certified by an officer or authorized or required by law. noun [0 ‘ fish ‘ cl] An officer; a public officer; a public official.

official act An act done by an officer in performing the duties of her office; that is, an act done in her official


official immunity [im myoo . nl ‘ ice] A legal doctrine which declares that a government official is exempt from civil liability for injury resulting fror his conduct if his action that caused

the injury was within the scope of his authority and required the exercise of discretion. See scope of authority. See

also Federal Tort Claims Act; sovereign immunity.

official misconduct [mis kon ‘ dukt] Malfeasance in office, misfeasance in office, or nonfeasance.

official newspaper [nyooz pay ° per] A newspaper in which the legal notices of government are published. It may

or may not be a newspaper of general circulation.

official notice [no tiss] The equivalent of judicial notice by an administrative agency; also referred to as administrative notice.

official oath See oath of office.

official records [rek erdz] Records

; made by an official of the government

in the course of performing her official duties. (EXAMPLES: correspondence; memoranda; data; minutes.) Official records are admissible in the federal courts and in federal administrative proceedings, as well as in most state courts, as an exception to the hearsay rule, to prove the transactions they memorialize. See public record.

official reports [re ports] See court reports; reporters.

official seal The seal affixed to a document by a public officer. Various offices and departments of government, state and federal, have and use their particular seal. See seals. See also corporate seal.

official transcript [tran . skript] See transcript.

Officers of the Court