Liquidated Claim – a claim with a definite amount that was agreed upon, can easily be determined, or has already been determined

liquidated claim:

I. A claim for an amount previously agreed on by the parties or that can be precisely determined by operation of law or by the terms of the parties’ agreement.

2. A claim that has been determined in a judicial proceeding. — aka liquidated demand.

liquidated claim:

1. A claim the amount of which is agreed upon by the parties or which can be determined by applying rules of law or by mathematical calculation. Compare unliquidated claim. [2]


Ascertained; determined ; fixed ; settled; made clear or manifest. Cleared away; paid ; discharged. [3]


1. In reference to a debt, paid, discharged, or satisfied.

2. In reference to a debt, determined or made certain as to amount, matured, settled, or agreed upon.

3. Cashed; converted into cash.

4. In reference to the affairs of a business, dissolved or wound up.

5. Killed; murdered. See liquidate; liquidating; liquidation. See also dissolution; winding up. [2]



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