Sheriff’s Sale –

sheriff’s sale:

1. See execution sale.

2. See judicial sale. [1]

1. A sale of real estate carried out by the sheriff under a foreclosure decree or similar court order: A sheriff’s sale is also referred to as in execution sale, foreclosure sale, or judicial sale. [2]

execution sale:

1. A forced sale of a debtor’s property by a government official‘ carrying out a writ of execution. — aka forced sale; judgment salesheriff’s sale. See EXECUTION.

judicial sale:

1. A sale conducted under the authority of a judgment or court order, such as an execution sale. — aka Sheriff’s sale.

foreclosure sale:

1. The sale of mortgaged property, authorized by a court decree or a power-of-sale clause, to satisfy the debt. [1]

sheriff’s deed:

1. A deed that gives ownership rights in property bought at a sheriff’s sale. [1]

1. A deed  given by the sheriff to the purchaser of real estate at a foreclosure sale or tax sale. [2]


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[1]: Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black, Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. ISBN: 978-0-314-61300-4

[2]:  Ballantine’s Law Dictionary Legal Assistant Edition
by Jack Ballantine 
(James Arthur 1871-1949).  Doctored by Jack G. Handler, J.D. © 1994 Delmar by Thomson Learning.  ISBN 0-8273-4874-6.


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