Record – information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that, having been stored in an electronic or other medium, is retrievable in perceivable form

n. (13c)

1. A documentary account of past events, usually designed to memorialize those events.

2. Information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that, having been stored in an electronic or other medium, is retrievable in perceivable form.  UCC § 1-201(b)(3).

3. MINUTES (2)

4. The official report of the proceedings in a case, including the filed papers, a verbatim transcript of the trial or hearing (if any), and tangible exhibits. — aka (in some jurisdictions) clerk’s record; (BrE) bundle.  See DOCKET (1).

defective record:

1. A trial record that fails to conform to requirement of appellate rules.

2. A flawed  real-estate title resulting from a defect on the property’s record in the register of deeds.

official record:

1. A legally recognized original document, usually prepared or recorded by someone with authority, that establishes a fact.

public record:

1. A record that a governmental unit is required by law to keep, such as and deeds kept at a county courthouse.  * Public records are generally open to view by the public.  Cf. public document under DOCUMENT (2).

reporter’s record:

1. In some jurisdictions, a trial transcript. — aka stenographer’s record.

silent record:

1. Criminal procedure. A record that fails to disclose that a defendant voluntarily and knowingly entered a plea, waived a right to counsel, or took any other action affecting his or her rights.

stenographer’s record:  See reporter’s record.


1. To deposit (an original or authentic official copy of a document) with an authority <she recorded the deed in the county property office>.


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