Types of Contract Damages – remedies available for breach of contract:

contract damages:

1. Remedies available for a breach of contract.  See compensatory damages; consequential damages; liquidated damages; punitive damages. [1]

expectation damages – compensation awarded for the loss of what a person reasonably anticipated from a transaction that was not completed.  — aka expectancy damages;  lost-expectation damages;  damages for lost expectations.

foreseeable damages – damages a breaching party knew or should have known when the contract was made would likely result from a breach.

liquidated damages – an amount contractually stipulated as a reasonable estimation of actual damages to be recovered by one party if the other party breaches. — aka stipulated damages; estimated damages.

reliance damages – damages awarded for losses incurred by the plaintiff in reliance on the contract, to restore the plaintiff to the economic condition the plaintiff enjoyed before the contract was formed; violation of trust or confidence that was depended on, acitonable as fraud, deceit, and/or a granting of promissory estoppel.


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