Charging Lien – an attorney’s lien to secure their fee, on a specified property in the debtor’s possession, acquired from from the claim that the attorney has helped the client perfect, as through a judgment or settlement

charging lien:

1. An attorney’s lien on a claim that the attorney has helped the client perfect, as through a judgment or settlement.

2. A lien on specified property in the debtor’s possession. [1]

1. The lien of an attorney at law, upon a judgment, decree, or award obtained for his client in an action or proceeding, to secure the attorney for his disbursements, and his compensation for services on behalf of the client, in the action or proceeding.  7 Am J2d Attys § 281. 
     An attorney’s special or charging lien is one which arises in favor of the attorney for his bill of costs as compensation for his services for procuring judgment, decree, or award to which it attaches.  Norrell v Chasan, 125 NJ Eq 230, 4 A2d 88, 120 ALR 1238.

1. One form of attorney’s lien, specifically, the lien an attorney has for payment of his fee against a judgment, account, or award that the client owns or has an interest in, as a result of the attorney’s professional efforts. [3]


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