Lobbying – addressing or soliciting members of a legislative body, in the lobby off the chamber or elsewhere, for the purpose of influencing their votes

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vb. (1837)

1. To talk with or curry favor with a legislator, usually repeatedly or frequently, in an attempt to influence the legislator’s vote <she routinely lobbies for tort reform in the state legislature>.

2. To support or oppose (a measure) by working to influence a legislator’s vote <the organization lobbied the bill through the Senate>.

3. To try to influence (a political decision-maker) <the counsel for legislative affairs lobbied Senator Smith to bury the bill>.lobbying, n. — lobbyist, n. [1]


1. Services in attempting to obtain the passage of favored legislation.  The practice of addressing or soliciting members of a legislative body, in the lobby off the chamber or elsewhere, for the purpose of influencing their votes. Chippewa Valley & Superior Railway Co. v Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railway Co. 75 Wi 224, 44 NW 17. [2]

1. Attempting to persuade legislators to vote for or against a bill pending in a state legislature or in Congress. [3]

lobbying act:

1. A federal or state law governing the conduct of lobbyists, usually be requiring them to register and file activity reports.  *  An example is the Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act, 12 USCA § 261. [1]

1. A federal statute regulating lobbying in reference to the congress of the United States. Anno: 98 L Ed 1006-1007. [2]

1. Federal and state statutes requiring the registration of lobbyists and otherwise regulating their activities.

lobbyist – a person who engages in lobbying, whether for a fee or as a concerned citizen. [3]

lobbying contract – Any agreement which tents do introduce personal influence and solicitation as elements in procuring and influencing legislative action. Houlton v Nichol, 93 Wis 393, 67 NW 715

A contract in which one of the parties undertakes to perform lobbying services. [2]


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