Use “Eminent Domain” to *Actually* Help People

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“Seize” an abandoned building for “Public Benefit” using a “Court Order” via writing a “30 Day Notice” to the “Owner” (the bank who forecloesed on that property & is now letting it fall apart & cause “Blight” & “Hazard”) so that “If they do not respond within 30 days”, their property will be have a non-commercial Lien placed onto it by “The United States Government” under the authority of “The People” so that it is “Condemned” (taken for the use of “Eminent Domain”) for the purpose of “X” (“public benefit, without discrimination, ecologically-considerate &/or restorative in respect & honor of treaties with “Native American Nations”).

Ya’ll GOTTA check out the Federal Rues of Civil Procedure, yo!!!

“Federal” translates “above the heads of the State Constitutions” for the purpose of “public benefit, without discrimination, with consideration to the health of the native ecosystem in accordance with The Treaties”.

“Eminent Domain” on “Federal Rules of Civil Procedure”:

Black’s Law Dictionary on “Lien”:

“Significant Income Tax Credits” for “Energy Efficient Plans”:…/federal-tax-credits-energy-efficiency

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Source LYNX graphic


“Blighted Area” on Black’s Law Dictionary:


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