Freehold Estate – an estate in land held in fee simple, in fee tail, or for term of life; any real property interest that is or may become possessory

n. (15C)

1. An estate in land held in fee simple, in fee tail, or for term of life; any real property interest that is or may become possessory.  *  At common law, these estates were all created by enfeoffment with liver; of seisin.

2. The tenure by which such an estate is held.  — aka freehold estate; estate in freehold; freehold interest; frank-tenement; liberum tenementum. Cf. LEASEHOLD.

Determinable Freehold – a freehold estate that is defeasible (capable of being cancelled) by operation of a special limitation.

Perpetual Freehold – an estate given to a grantee for life, and then successively to the grantee’s heirs for life.

Charter Land – “freehold land” held under royal charter or deed (generally for churches and leaders).

Flying Freehold – the part of a freehold property that encroaches on another owner’s property, not on the ground but above it, as with a balcony that extends over the property line.

Movable Freehold – real property capable of being increased or diminished by natural causes, such as the land a seashore owner acquires or loses as water recedes or approaches.

freeholder. (15c) Hist. Someone who possesses a freehold. -Also termed charterer.

freeholder’s court baron. See COURT BARON. freehold estate. See FREEHOLD. freehold interest. See FREEHOLD.

freehold land society. (usu. pl.) (1851) Hist. English law. A society in England created to enable mechanics, artisans, and other workers to buy at the lowest possible price freehold land with a sufficient yearly value to entitle the

owner to the right to vote in the county in which the land was located.

freehold reversion. See REVERSION.


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[1]: Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black, Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. ISBN: 978-0-314-61300-4


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