attorney at law – an officer of the court, licensed to practice law; a lawyer

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1. Someone who practices law; LAWYER— Abbr. att’y. — aka (in sense 2) attorney-at-lawpublic attorney.  Pl. attorneys. [1]

attorney at-law:

1. One of a class of persons who are by license constituted officers of courts of justice, and who are empowered to appear and prosecute and defend, and on whom peculiar duties, responsibilities, and liabilities are devolved in consequence. 7 Am J2d Attys § 1.

A quasi-judicial officer. 7 Am J2d Attys § 3.
     Of course, the work of an attorney is not confined to appearances in court for prosecutions and defenses.  A person acting professionally in legal formalities, negotiations, or proceedings, by the warranty or authority of his clients is an attorney at law within the usual meaning o the term.  The distinction between attorneys or solicitors and counsel or barristers is practically abolished in nearly all the states. 7 Am J2d Attys § 1.

     While some men of the profession devote their time and talents to the trial of cases and others appear in court only rarely, the law imposes the same requirements for admission and the same standards of ethics for both classes.
     See barrister; of counsel; solicitor. [2]

1. A person who is license to practice law; a lawyer. [3]

lawyer – someone licensed to practice law, and thus qualified to advise about legal matters, prepare contracts and other legal instruments, and represent others in court.


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