Injunctive Relief – relief resulting from an injunction

injunctive relief:

1. Relief resulting from an injunction. [2]

     Excerpt from Howard C. Joyce’s A Treatise on the Law Relating to Injunctions:

      “In a general sense, every order of a court which commands or forbids is an injunction, but in its accepted legal sense, an injunction is a judicial process or mandate operating in personam by which, upon certain established principled of equity, a party is required to do or refrain from doing a particular thing.  An injunction has also been defined as a writ framed according to the circumstances of the case, commanding an act which the court regards as essential to justice, or restraining an act, which it esteems contrary to equity & good conscience; as a remedial writ which courts issue for the purpose of enforcing their equity jurisdiction; & as a writ issuing by the order & under the seal of a court of equity. [2]


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[1]:  Ballantine’s Law Dictionary Legal Assistant Edition by Jack Ballantine (James Arthur 1871-1949).  Doctored by Jack G. Handler, J.D. © 1994 Delmar by Thomson Learning.  ISBN 0-8273-4874-6.

[2]: 1 Howard C. Joyce, A Treatise on the Law Relating to
Injunctions § 1, at 2-3 (1909)


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