Permanent Injury – a lasting injury to person, land, water, or property that is likely to be lasting, and whose consequences cannot be remedied for an indefinite period

permanent injury:

1. A completed wrong whose consequences cannot be remedied for an indefinite period.

2. Property. A lasting injury to land that causes it to revert to the grantor or vests immediate right of possession in a remainderman. [1]

1. An injury, the future effect of which as a complete or partial disability appears with reasonable certainty.   22 Am J2d Damg § 117

Within the meaning of the risk assumed by an insurer, a lasting or continuous injury.  Rom v Republic Coal Co. 94 Mont 250, 22 P2d 157.
      An injury by pollution of well waters may be permanent in a legal sense, though not perpetual, unending, or unchangeable.  Haveman v Beulow, 36 Wash 185, 217 P2d 313, 19 ALR2d 763.
     See permanent disability. [2]

1. An injury that causes damage that is likely to be lasting.  A personal injury that is permanent may or not cause permanent disability. [3]


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