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tortfeasor – someone who commits a tort (civil wrong); a wrongdoer.

  • concurrent tortfeasors – two or more tortfeasors whose simultaneous actions cause injury to a third party.
  • consecutive tortfeasors – two or more tortfeasors whose actions, while occurring at different time, combine to cause a single injury to a third party.
  • joint tortfeasors – two or more tortfeasors who contributed to the claimant’s injury and who may be joined as defendants in the same lawsuit.
  • successive tortfeasors – two or more tortfeasors whose negligence occurs at different times and causes different Injuries to the same third party.
  • fault – the legal responsibility for an injury suffered by another that is caused by error or defect of judgment or conduct resulting from inattention, incapacity, perversity, bad faith, or mismanagement.
  • culpable – guilty or at fault and/or breach or duty.
  • breach of duty of care – negligence that results in a foreseeable injury that would not have occurred but for the negligent person’s actions.

liability – the quality; state, or condition of being legally obligated or accountable; a debt enforceable by civil remedy or criminal punishment.

  • liable – likely to incur a penalty as a result of having commit a civil wrong or breach of contract, answerable by tort.  aka legally liable.

tortious cct – an act that subjects the actor to liability under the principles of tort law.

tort reform – a movement to reduce the amount of tort litigation, usually involving legislation that restricts tort remedies or that caps damages awards.

Tort-of-Another Doctrine – statutory rules authorizing courts to award litigation-related expenses (e.g. attorney’s fees) to a prevailing party forced to bring or defend a suit against a third party for a tort committed by someone else who refused, after notice, to bring or defend the lawsuit.


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