Inquest Jury – summoned by a coroner, medical examiner, sheriff, or other ministerial officer in order to determine the cause of death which involved violence or other unlawful means

inquest jury:

1. A jury summoned by a coroner, medical examiner, or comparable officer to determine the cause of death of a person in a case in which death is due, or is supposed to be due, to violence or other unlawful means.  18 Am J2d Corn § 12. [1]

1. A jury summoned from a particular district to appear before a sheriff, coroner, or other ministerial officer and inquire about the facts concerning a death. — aka jury of inquest.  See INQUEST (4).


4. A proceeding, usually ex parte, to determine, after the defendant has defaulted, the amount of the plaintiff’s damages. [2]


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[1]: Ballantine’s Law Dictionary with Pronunciations
Third Edition
 by James A. Ballantine (James Arthur 1871-1949).  Edited by William S. Anderson.  © 1969 by THE LAWYER’S CO-OPERATIVE PUBLISHING COMPANY.  Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 68-30931

[2]: Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black, Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. ISBN: 978-0-314-61300-4


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