presentment for acceptance – production of a negotiable instrument, to the drawee, acceptor, or maker, for his acceptance and agreement to pay the bill, usually at some time in the future

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presentment for acceptance:

1. Production of an instrument to the drawee, acceptor, or maker for acceptance.  *  This type of presentment may be made anytime before maturity, except that with bills payable at sight, after demand, or after sight, presentment must be made within a reasonable time. [1]

1. The presenting of a bill of exchange to the drawee therein named for his acceptance and agreement to pay the bill, usually at some time in the future. 11 Am J2d B & N § 730

Any act which amounts to a notification of the holding of a bill of exchange with a request to accept, accompanied by the bill. 11 Am J2d B & N § 734

Where the acceptance o the bill is in writing, the word “seen,” or the word “accepted,” or the word “presented,” written on the bill itself, or on any other paper relating to the transaction, will amount to an acceptance of the bill. Barnet v Smith, 30 NH 256. [2]

1. With respect to  negotiable instruments, the agreement of the bank or other drawee to honor a draft, check, or other negotiable instrument.  Acceptance, which must be indicated on the instrument, in writing, is an acknowledgement by the drawee that the drawer has sufficient funds on deposit to cover the draft.
See certified check; trade acceptance. [3]


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