prosecutor – an attorney who represents the state or federal government in criminal prosecution, or a private person who carries on a criminal or civil action

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n. (16c)

1. A private person who institutes and carries on a legal action, especially a criminal action. — aka private prosecutor. — prosecutorial, adj.

2. A legal officer who represents the state or federal government in criminal proceedings.  See DISTRICT ATTORNEY; UNITED STATES ATTORNEY; ATTORNEY GENERAL. — aka public prosecutor; state’s attorney; public commissioner. [1]

1. A prosecuting attorney; a prosecuting officer; a prosecuting witness.
     The plaintiff or petitioner for a writ of certiorari is called a prosecutor in some jurisdiction. State, Cape May etc., Railway C o v Cape May, 59 NJL 396, 36 A 696. [2]

1. A public official, elected or appointed, who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of her jurisdiction.  EXAMPLES: the district attorney of a county; the attorney general of a state; a United States Attorney.

2. A person who commences or maintains a civil action. [3]

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prosecuting attorney – an elected or appointed attorney at law, who serves as a public officer, to conduct criminal prosecutions on behalf of his jurisdiction.  A district attorney actively  serving as prosecutor in a case.



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