indorser – a person who transfers a negotiable instrument by indorsement

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1. Someone who transfers a negotiable instrument by indorsement; specifically, one who signs a negotiable instrument other than as maker, drawer, or acceptor. — Also spelled endorser.

1. One who indorses; one who signs as an indorser; even one who signs on the face of the instrument, provided he indicates his character as an indorser in writing appearing with the signature.  Peoples Nat. Bank v Dicks, 258 Mich 441, 242 NW 825.

One who indorses a registered security by way of transferring or assigning the instrument or granting another the authority to assign or transfer it.  15 Am J2d  Com C § 32.
     See accommodation indorser; indorsement; satisfactory indorser. [2]

1. The person who indorses a negotiable instrument. [3]

Types of Indorsers:

accommodation indorser: (1820) An indorser who acts as surety for another person.


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