General Legal Terms pertaining to “Liability”:

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apportionment of liability – parceling out of liability or an injury among multiple tortfeasors, and possibly the plaintiff as well.

culpable – guilty or at fault; often used in cases of breach of duty.

  • breach of duty – violation of a legal or moral obligation; especially, a fiduciary’s violation of an obligation.
    • breach of duty of care – negligence that results in a foreseeable injury that would not have occurred but for the negligent person’s actions. — aka breach of care.

fault – an error or defect of judgment or conduct; deviation from prudence or duty resulting from inattention, incapacity, perversity, bad faith, or mismanagement.

liability insurance – an insurance policy under which the insurance company agrees to protect the insured against liability arising from an act or omission of the insured that causes injury to a third person or to the third person’s property.

liable – likely to incur a penalty as a result of having commit a civil wrong or breach of contract, answerable by tort.

unjustifiable – legally or morally unacceptable; devoid of any good reason that would provide an excuse or defense.



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