General Damages – damages so reasonably expected to result from the type of wrong complained of that they do not need to be proved; specifically compensatory damages for harm that frequently result from the tort for which a party has sued

general damages:

1. Damages that the law presumes follow from the type of wrong complained of; specifically compensatory damages for harm that so frequently results from the tort for which a party has sued that the harm is reasonably expected and need not be alleged or proved;  *  General damages do not need to be specifically claimed. — aka direct damages; necessary damages. [1]

1. Those damages which are the natural and necessary result of the wrongful act or omission asserted as the foundation of liability.  Parker v Harris Pine Mills, 206 Or 187, 291 P2d 709, 56ALR2d Cust & U § 6.

Those damages which are traceable to, and are the probable and necessary result of , the injury complained of, or which are presumed by, or implied in, law to have resulted therefrom.  22 Am J2d Damg § 15. [2]

1. Damages that are the natural and probable result of the wrongful acts complained of.
     Compare special damages. [3]


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