Unliquidated Claim – a claim whose existence or amount is not agreed upon by the parties; or that cannot determined by applying rules of law or mathematical calculation

unliquidated claim:

1. A claim in which the amount owed has not been determined. [1]

1. A claim in respect to which the exact amount which the claimant is entitled to recover has not been ascertained.  Dycus v Brown 135 Ky 140, 121 SW 1010. [2]

1. A claim whose existence or amount is not agreed upon by the parties; a claim whose amount cannot be determined by applying rules of law or by mathematical calculation. [3]

Note: The amount, if any, if often determined by a fact-finder.

fact-finder – one or more persons who hear testimony and review evidence to rule on a factual issue; the judge (in a bench trial) or a jury.


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