“Obstructions of Justice” associated with Jury Trials:

     The following acts are various forms of the crime of obstructing justice:

embracery – the crime of attempting to corrupt, influence, instruct, or induce a judge or jury other than by evidence or arguments in open court (i.e. threats, bribes). — aka jury-tampering; tampering with jury.

jury-fixing – illegally procuring the cooperating of one or more jurors to influence the outcome of the trial.

packing a jury – contriving to have a jury composed of persons who are predisposed toward one side or the other.  Strauder v. West Virginia, 100 US 303, 309, 25 L Ed 664, 666.


Also See:

obstruction of justice – impeding or hindering the administration of justice in any way (i.e. fabricating or destroying evidence, witness-tampering, or threatening or intimidating a judge, bribing a juror). — aka obstructing justice; obstructing public justice.; perverting the course of justice; interfering with the administration of justice; obstructing the administration of justice; obstructing the course of justice; defeating the due course of justice; defeating the ends of justice; attempting to pervert the course of justice.



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