Pretrial Motions – reschedule an appearance, request multiple forms of relief, compel discovery, suppress inadmissible evidence, etc.:

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Calendar Motions
for Rescheduling Court Appearances:

motion to advance – request an earlier hearing date.

motion to reset hearing – reschedule the hearing date.

Pretrial Motions
Pertaining to Discovery:

motion to compel discovery –force the opponent to procure all evidence they plan to present during the proceedings.

motion to suppress – prohibit the introduction of illegally obtained evidence at a criminal trial.

omnibus motion –  in criminal cases, a defense pretrial motion to suppress inadmissible evidence from being brought up during the trial.

motion in limine – pretrial request that certain inadmissible evidence not be referred to or offered at trial.

motion for protective order – request the court protect you from a potentially abusive action by the other party, often pertaining to suppressing damaging evidence.

Pretrial Motions for
Transferring Venues
to hold trial in a different court:

motion to transfer venue – transfer the case to another district or county, usually due to improper jurisdiction or local prejudice. — aka motion for change of venue.

motion to remand in a case that has been removed from state court to federal court, a party’s request that the federal court return the case to state court, usually because the federal court lacks jurisdiction or because the procedures for removal were not properly followed.

Various Pretrial Motions:

motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute – dismiss case if prosecution cannot proceed, as when a critical witness or crucial evidence is missing and speedy trial deadline has passed.

omnibus motion – request multiple forms of relief; often used pretrial, in criminal cases, for requesting a hearing on various in limine motions as well as on suppression issues.

motion to sever – have your case separated from coparties or codefendants.


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