Writ of Distringas – orders the sheriff to seize jurors’ goods to compel them to appear for jury service

Writ of Distringas:

n. [Law Latin ‘you are to distrain’] (15c.) l. A writ ordering a sheriff to distrain a defendant’s property to compel the defendant to perform an obligation, such as appearing in court or giving up a chattel to a plaintiff awarded judgment in a detinue action. 2. A writ ordering the sheriff to seize jurors’ goods to compel them to appear for jury service. 3. An equitable process of execution against a corporation that has refused to obey a summons. 4. Hist. An order, issued initially from the Court of Exchequer, then the Court of Chancery, and finally the High Court of Justice, for someone interested in purchasing Bank of England stock, temporarily restraining the bank officers from transferring the stock or paying a dividend on it. * This proceeding was used to prevent fraudulent dealing by a trustee or other stockholder.  The relief was only temporary, and if the bank received a request from the stockholder to
permit a stock deal, the bank had to warn the distringing party to promptly obtain a
restraining order or a writ of injunction, or else the stock deal would go through.”

  • Distringas juratores:n. [Law Latin “you are to distrain the jurors”] (18c) HistA writ ordering the sheriff to diStrain jurors or their property to compel their appearance before the judges of assize and nisi prius for jury duty on an appointed day.”
  • distringas nuper vicecomitem:n. [Law Latin ‘you are to distrain the late
    sheriff’] (17c.) Hist. l. A writ ordering a sheriff’s successor to distrain the former sheriff’s property until the former sheriff brings in a defendant to answer
    the plaintiff’s charge, sells goods attached under a fieri facias, or performs some other obligation that the former sheriff should have completed while still in office.  2. A writ calling on an ex-sheriff to account for the proceeds taken in execution.”
  • dishingas vice comitem:n. [Law Latin ‘you are to distraln the sheriff”’] Hist. distringas writ ordering the coroner to dlstraln the Sheriff for not executing a writ of venditzioni exponas. See Writ of VENDITIONI EXPONAS.”

Definition of Distrain:

“vb. (13c.) 1. To force ( person, usually a tenant), by the seizure & detention of personal property, to perform an obligation (such as paying overdue rent). 2. To seize (goods) by distress, a legal remedy entitling the rightful owner to recover property wrongfully taken. – Also spelled distrein.– distraint, n.”