tenancy (estate) for a term – an interest (estate) securing a tenancy, arising from an agreement or lease (or other contract) which must expire at a certain period, fixed in advance

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estate for years:

1. See tenancy for a term. [1]

1. An estate which must expire at a period certain, fixed in advance. United States v First Nat. Bank (CA5 Ala) 74 F2d 360.

An interest arising from an agreement or contract for the possession of lands or tenements for some definite period, such estate being regarded at common law as a chattel. 28 Am J2d Est § 136

A chattel real rather than real estate, except as a contrary definition is provided by statute or a reasonable construction of a will in which the term appears demands that it be deemed inclusive of a leasehold.  Anno: 103 ALR 826; 57 Am J1st Wills § 1337. [2]

1. An estate that terminates after a specific number of years.  EXAMPLE: real property occupied under a 10-year lease. [3]

tenancy for a term:

1. A tenancy whose duration is known in years, weeks, or days from the moment of its creation. — aka tenancy for a period; tenancy for years; term for years; term of years; estate for a term; estate for years; lease for years. [1]

tenancy for years:

1. An interest arising from a lease, contract, or agreement for the possession of lands or tenements for a definitive period of time.  A tenancy under a lease whereby the landlord contracts to grant the possession and enjoyment of land, or hereditaments of a demisable nature, for a period of years certain; and in most cases the tenant agrees to render to the landlord a rent in money, or any other kind of payment, at the end of stated periods of a year or more during the term. 32 Am J1st L & T § 61[2]

1. A tenancy under a lease or other contract for the period of a year or for a stated number of years. [3]


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