Chancellor – a judge of a court of chancery

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n. (14c)

1. A judge of a court of chancery.

2. A universally president or CEO of an institution of higher education.

3. In the United States, a judge in some courts of chancery or equity.

4. Scots law. The presiding juror; the foreperson of a jury.

5. Eccles. law. A law officer who presides over the bishop’s court.  *  The chancellor advises and assists the bishop’s court.  *  The chancellor advises and assists the bishop in all matters of canon law, both juridical and administrative.chancellorship, n. [1]

1. A judge of a court of chancery; in Scotland, — the foreman of a jury. [2]

1. A judge of a court of chancery or court of equity.

2. In some states, the title of the chief executive officer of the state’s system of public colleges and public universities.

3. The title of the chief officer of some universities. [3]

master of chancery:

1. An officer of the court.  A referee in a suit in equity.  An assistant of the chancellor having the function of performing acts, either judicial or ministerial in nature, which the chancellor may see fit, in accordance with equity practice, to require of him.  27 Am J1st Ship § 113. [2]

1. In a court of chancery, an officer of the court who assists the judge and performs such judicial duties (EXAMPLE: taking testimony) and ministerial duties (EXAMPLE: administering oaths) as the judge assigns.  Many of the duties of a master in chancery are similar to those of a court commissioner or referee.
See master’s report.


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