Writ of Extent – seizure of property secured for the recovery of a debt

Writ of Extent:

“A writ issued by the Exchequer to recover a debt owed to the Crown, under which the debtor s lands, goods, or body could all be seized to secure payment.”

Definition of Extent:

(16c.) Hist. A seizure of property in execution of a writ.”

  • Extent in Chief: (18c) A writ of extent issued at the suit of the Crown.”
  • Extent in Chief in the Second Degree: (1835) A writ of extent issued against a
    debtor of a Crown debtor, so that it resembles a garnishment. See
  • Immediate Extent: (18c.) A writ of extent issued without a commission of
    inquest or a scire facias.”

3. A writ giving a creditor temporary possession debtor’s property (especially land). – Also termed extendi facias.


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