Stakeholder – someone who has an interest or concern in a business or enterprise, though not necessarily as an owner, and whose interest may possibly be contested


1. A disinterested third party who holds money or property, the right to which is disputed between two or more other parties See INTERPLEADER.

2. Someone who has an interest or concern in a business or enterprise, though not necessarily as an owner.

3. A person who has an interest or concern (not necessarily financial) in the success or failure of an organization, system, plan, or strategy, or who is affected by a course of action.

4. Someone who holds the money or valuables bet by others in a wager.

n. (bef. 12C)

1. Something (such as property) deposited by two or more parties with a third party pending the resolution of a dispute; the subject matter of an interpleader.

2. An interest or share in a business venture.

3. Something (esp. money) bet in a wager, game, or contest.

4. A boundary marker used in land surveys.


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