Subject-Matter, Personal, & Territorial Jurisdiction:

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subject-matter jurisdiction – jurisdiction over the nature of the case (the material which is the subject of a lawsuit) and the type of relief sought.

personal jurisdiction – a court’s power to bring a person into its adjudicative process; jurisdiction over a defendant’s personal rights rather than merely over property interests.— aka in personam jurisdiction; jurisdiction in personam; jurisdiction of the person; jurisdiction over the person; jurisdiction ratione personae.  The term “person” may refer to natural person or artificial person:

  • natural person – a human being.
  • artificial person – has rights but not privileges or immunities, and may be held liable. (i.e. – corporations, governmental bodies). — aka fictitious person; juristic person; juridical person; legal person; moral person.

territorial jurisdiction – jurisdiction over cases arising in or involving persons residing within a defined territory.


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