declaration of homestead – a statement filed with the county recorder, describing the property and showing the world that the occupant claims their homestead exemption rights in the property

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declaration of homestead:

1. A statement required to be filed with a state or local authority to prove property ownership in order to claim homestead exemption rights[1]

1. A statement of the fact of claiming a homestead exemption describing the property selected and filed with the county recorder for the purpose of showing the world that the occupants claim their homestead exemption rights in the property.  26 Am J1st home § 90[2]

1. A declaration by a qualified property owner by which the protection of a homestead exemption is effectuated. [3]

Related Terms:

qualified ownership – shared, restricted to a particular use, or limited in the extent of its enjoyment; less than absolute ownership.


See Resources for Homesteaders.


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