“Extraordinary Writs” (for extraordinary relief) for Replevy (Habeas Corpus):

Definition of Extraordinary Writ:

(17c) A writ issued by a court exercising unusual or discretionary power.  Examples are writ of certiorari, writ of habeas corpus, writ of mandamus. & prohibition writ. — Also termed prerogative writ. Cf. extraordinary relief under RELIEF (3).”

Definition of Extraordinary Relief:

(18c) Judicial relief that exceeds what is typically or
customarily granted but is warranted by the unique or extreme circumstances of a situation. The types of extraordinary relief most frequently sought are injunctions and extraordinary writs, esp. mandamus.See INJUNCTION (order);
(writ of) MANDAMUS; PROHIBITION (writ) (2).

Types of Extraordinary Writs of Replevy:

Writ of Habeas Corpus – command that a prisoner (or someone on probation or in custody) be brought before the court to challenge the legality of their custody & demand their release


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