United States Code – the official codification of general and permanent laws enacted by congress

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About the U.S. Code:

     The United States Code is a consolidation of general and permanent laws compiled by The Office of Law Revision Counsel of The House of Representatives.  Sections of the code can also be found on websites such as www.FBI.gov.  Under 1 U.S.C. 204, the matter set forth in a main edition of the Code (together with its current supplement) establishes the law prima facie (“at first sight”), except that the text of titles enacted into positive law is legal evidence of the law.  The U.S. Code is a set of federal laws; see about federal courts. [1]

United States Code:

1. A multivolume published codification of federal statutory law. [2]

1. The codification of federal statutes. [3]

1. The official codification of the statutes enacted by Congress. [4]

United States Code Annotated:

1. A multivolume publication of the complete text of the United States code with historical notes, cross-references, and casenotes of federal and state decisions construing specific Code sections. — Abbr. USCA. [3]


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