Terms used to Classify Types of Injuries:

indivisible injury – a single injury that has been caused by concurrent tortfeasors and that is not reasonably capable of being separated.

injury in fact – an actual or imminent invasion of a legally protected interest, in contrast to an invasion that is conjectural or hypothetical.

malicious injury – a physical or non-physical injury resulting from a willful act committed with knowledge that it is likely to injure another or with reckless disregard of the consequences.

permanent injury – a lasting injury to person, land, water, or property that is likely to be lasting, and whose consequences cannot be remedied for an indefinite period.

reparable injury – an injury that can be adequately compensated by money.

willful and malicious injury – an injury to a person or property inflicted intentionally and deliberately, without cause and with no regard for the legal rights of the injured party; often associated with bankruptcy. 11 USCA § 523(a)(6).


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