control – power or authority to manage, direct, or oversee, or physical retention of possession of an item or its maintenance in a secure place

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vb. (15c)

1. To exercise power or influence over <the judge controlled the proceedings>.

2. To regulate or govern <by law, the budget office controls expenditures>.

3. To have controlling interest in <the five shareholders controlled the company>. [1]

(16c) n.

1. The direct or indirect power to govern the management and policies of a person or entity, whether through ownership or voting securities, by contract, or otherwise; the power or authority to manage, direct, or oversee <the principal exercised control over the agent>.

Various Forms of Control:

ceded control – Control that has been surrendered or given up.

corporate controlCorporations. 1. Ownership of more than 50% of the shares in a corporation. — aka effective control; working control.

2. The power to vote enough of the shares in a corporation to determine the outcome of matters that the shareholders vote on. 

effective control – 1. The physical retention of possession of an item or its maintenance in a secure place.

2. See corporate control (1).

  • working control (1897) The effective control of a corporation by a person or group who owns less than 50% of he stock.  2. See corporate control (2).

superintending control (1850) The general supervisory control that a higher court in a jurisdiction has over the administrative affairs of a lower court within that jurisdiction. [1]


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