accrual of cause of action – a cause of action generally accrues at the time of the injury, not at the time the damage is discovered

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accrual of cause of action:

1. The event whereby a cause of action becomes complete so that the aggrieved party can begin and maintain his cause of action.

A cause may accrue at the moment of the wrong, default, or delict by the defendant and the injury to the plaintiff, although the actual damage resulting therefrom may not be discovered until some time afterward, if the injury, however slight, is complete at the time of the act. Eising v Andrews, 66 Conn 58, 1 Am J2d Actions § 88.

As a general proposition, a cause of action accrues the moment it comes into existence. 34 Am J1st Lim Ac § 113. [1]

1. The point in time when a  cause of action becomes complete so that the aggrieved party can file a lawsuit.  Generally, a cause of action accrues at the moment the wrong occurs. [2]


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