capricious (caprice) – contrary to the evidence or established rules of law; whimsical rather than logistic

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adj. (17c)

1. (Of a person) characterized by or guided by unpredictable or impulsive behavior; likely to change ones mind suddenly or to behave in unexpected ways.

2. (Of a decree) contrary to the evidence or established rules of law. [1]

1. Changeable in purpose or view; freakish; whimsical. United States v Carmack, 329 US 245, 91 L Ed 209, 67 S Ct 252. [2]

1. Changeable in purpose without reason; based upon whim or impulse rather than upon fact or law; arbitrary. [3]

n. (17c)

1. Arbitrary or unfounded motivation.

2. The disposition to change one’s mind impulsively. [1]

1. A turn of mind without substantial cause, implying willfulness or wantonness in some degree. Waller v Skelton, 186 Tenn 433, 211 SW2d 445. [2]


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