Writ of Exigent – to declare someone an outlaw &/or demand immediate summons

Writ of Exigent:

“n. (15c.) Hist. A judicial writ employed into the process of outlawry, commanding the sheriff to demand the defendant’s appearance, from county court to county court, until he was outlawed – or, if the defendant appeared, to take him before the court to answer the plaintiff’s action.

exigi facias:

“[Latin] That you cause to be demanded. These were the emphatic words of the latim from of the writ of exigent; the phrase was sometimes used as the name of the writ.


adj. (15c.) Requiring immediate action or aid; urgent <exigent circumstances>.”


[1]: Black’s Law Dictionary Deluxe Tenth Edition by Henry Campbell Black & Editor in Chief Bryan A. Garner. ISBN: 978-0-314-62130-6

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