Referendum Petition – a petition demanding that newly proposed, or previously enacted, legislation be submitted to the people for their approval or rejection

referendum petition:

1. A petition by a specified number of electors requesting that proposed or enacted legislation, as the case an may be, be submitted to the people for their approval or rejection.


1. The power reserved to he the people at their own option to approve or reject at the polls an act of the legislature.  28 Am J Rev 1g ed Init & R § 2.

2. The power of the residents of 3 er municipality to approve or reject at the polls any er act of the municipal legislative body. 37 Am Jlst ar Mun Corp § 204.

3. The determination of questions as to certain existing or proposed legislation by reference to a vote of the people, employed in determining questions covering wide ranges, among the  more general of which are the adoption of municipal charters, the location of county seats and the incurring of municipal indebtedness.  State ex rel. Birchmore v State Canvassers, 78 SC 461, 59 SE 145.

4. The submission of an act of the legislature to the people for approval or rejection in an election.  The submission of a foreign ambassador to his government of a proposition in reference to which he requires further authority from his government in  order to act in the particular matter.
Provision made by a state legislature for a convention to pass upon a proposed amendment to the Federal Constitution is not a legislative act, and is therefore not
 the provisions of the state Constitution for a referendum of any act of the legislature.  State ex rel. Tate v Sevier, 333 Mo 662, 62 “ SW2d 895, 87 ALR 1315.

referendum measure:

1. A measure which has been enacted in due form by the state legislature and thereafter referred to and adopted by the people in whole or in part at an election held for that purpose.  Tesoriere v Second Judicial Dist. 50 Nev 302, 258 P 291. [1]


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[1]: Ballantine’s Law Dictionary with Pronunciations
Third Edition
 by James A. Ballantine (James Arthur 1871-1949).  Edited by William S. Anderson.  © 1969 by THE LAWYER’S CO-OPERATIVE PUBLISHING COMPANY.  Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 68-30931


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