Special Injunction – an injunction in which the prohibition of an act, in order to prevent irreparable injury, is the only relief ultimately sought

special injunction:

1. Hist. An injunction in which the prohibition of an act is the only relief ultimately sought, as in prevention of waste or nuisance. [1]

1. A term of the early English practice for an injunction to prevent irreparable injury in a case where the preventative aid of the court of equity was the ultimate and only relief sought, being distinguished in this respect form the common injunction which was granted in aid of or as secondary to another equity.  28 Am J Rev ed Inj § 10. [2]


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Third Edition by James A. Ballantine (James Arthur 1871-1949).  Edited by William S. Anderson.  © 1969 by THE LAWYER’S CO-OPERATIVE PUBLISHING COMPANY.  Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 68-30931


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