File a Criminal Complaint:


2. Criminal law. A formal charge accusing a person of an offense. Fed. R. Crim. P. 3. [1]

2. A formal charge of a crime. [2]

criminal complaint:

1. A formal charging instrument by which a person is accused of a crime, usually a misdemeanor or violation in a sworn statement.

fresh complaint – Criminal law. A reasonably prompt lodging of a grievance, especially, a victim’s prompt report of a sexual assault to someone trustworthy. — aka first complaint; prompt complaint; prompt outcry.

fresh-complaint rule (1952) Evidence. The principle that the testimony of a witness whom a victim of a sex crime promptly told about the crime is admissible to corroborate the victim’s claim that a crime occurred.  *  The testimony is admissible to show that the complaint was made promptly, not for the truth of matter stated in the complaint.  The theory is that sexual-assault victim’s credibility is bolstered if the victim reports the assault soon after it occurs.  Most courts no longer recognize this theory. [1]

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