Forms of Actions to Recover Wrongfully Imprisoned, Detained, or Withheld Persons or Property (and damages):

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     The 11 Common Law Forms of Action can be executed via various types of writs.  Another (more modern) way to activate the relief these forms of action can provide is by filing a civil action.

     The following 4 forms of action are used for the purpose of recovering property, wrongfully imprisoned, detained, or withheld persons, &/or damages caused by such losses (damages can be filed for through a tort claim):

#1.) Detinue recover “personal property” (movable or intangible assets, but not “real property” such as land or buildings)

#2.) Ejectment – an owner or occupier who was wrongfully ejected from their land (home, etc.) recovers possession, damages, & costs

#3.) Replevin – to repossess:

  • personal property” (movable or intangible assets, but not “real property” such as land or buildings) wrongfully taken
  • a person who is wrongfully detained (withheld), imprisoned, or encumbered (i.e. probation) – see Writ of Habeas Corpus

#4.) Trover  recovery damages for property wrongfully taken & then sold, given away, lost, etc.


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