Getting Started

     Chances are, if you found this website, you were wronged in some way.  Perhaps your rights were violated by a police officer — or your property was stolen Perhaps you’re a member of an American Indian tribe and your tribe’s treaty is being violated.  Maybe a corporation is destroying your local ecosystem and no one is holding them accountable.  You likely came to this website because you weren’t able to find strong legal representation, and you need a vast array of credible information to be at your fingertips asap before the statute of limitations runs out.

     Well — you’ve come to the right place.  We — like you — were, hurt badly by someone, became frustrated when we couldn’t find help, and so we took it upon ourselves to learn the system.  Now, after years of research and compiling data to map the system throughout this website, we’re proud to present to you the Public Intelligence Agency.  This site contains

     Before we get to the step-by-step walkthroughs, the following links will help equip you with the basics 

i. Civil Law and Criminal Law – what’s the difference?

ii. Pro Se Self-Help, and Assisting Others as a Non-Lawyer – things to know.

iii. Legal Instruments – formal documents evidencing the granting of a right and/or agreement (including duties, entitlements, or liabilities).

iv. File against an Officer or Government Agency – hold officers accountable via the criminal law system, and claim redress via the civil law system, for “Color of Law Crimes.”


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