General Terms for Various Types of Claims:

ancillary claim – a claim that is collateral to, dependent on, or auxiliary to another claim.

  • supplemental claim – a claim for further relief based on events occurring after the original claim was made.

antecedent claima preexisting claim. * Under the UCC, a holder takes an instrument for value if it is taken for an antecedent claim. UCC § 3-303.

apportionable claim – a claim for economic loss or damage to property where, more than one wrongdoer is liable in proportion to his or her responsibility for the harm done.

honest claim – made by someone who believes they have a right to something or that there is a chance that such right exists.

liquidated claim – a claim with a definite amount that was agreed upon, can easily be determined, or has already been determined.  — aka liquidated demand.

  • matured claim – a claim based on a debt that is due for payment.

unliquidated claim – a claim whose existence or amount is not agreed upon by the parties; or that cannot determined by applying rules of law or mathematical calculation.  The amount, if any, if often determined by a fact-finder (a judge in a bench trial or a jury in a jury trial).


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