§ 1 – Which type(s) of Tort or Breach of Contract occurred, and which type of Liability exists?

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     Now it is time to assess which type(s) of action(s) caused the injuries and/or losses, who is liable, and which type of liability exists.

Note:injuries” include injuries to your legal rights, such as your first amendment rights, right to due process, right to occupancy, and so on.

     Click on either of the following titles to see legal definitions and a list of terms for various types for various types of torts or breaches of contract.  You may wish you email yourself a link to each legal term definition which may apply to your case.

tort – a wrongful act, other than a breach of contract, which causes a private injury which may be pursued by the injured party.

breach of contract – violation of a contractual obligation by failing to perform one’s own promise, by repudiating it, or by interfering with another party’s performance.

liability – the quality; state, or condition of being legally obligated or accountable; a debt enforceable by civil remedy or criminal punishment.


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Section 2. Which type(s) of Injuries and/or Loss(es) were Suffered?


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