Legal Injury – an invasion or violation of a legal right

legal injury:

1. Violation of a legal right. [1]

1. An invasion of a legal right; a wrong from which the law imports damage.  Allen v Stowell, 145 Cal 666, 79 P 371.  An injury for the redress whereof an action will lie.
     “The much-argued and interesting case of Allen v Flood (1898) A.C. 1,  illustrates the general doctrine that, however harmful to others individual or combined action may be, if it is not unlawful, the damage or harm so inflicted does not constitute legal injury at common law.”  Wheelter-Stenzel Co. v National Window Glass Jobbers’ Asso. (CA3 NJ) 152 F 864. [2]

1. An invasion or violation of a legal right. [3]


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