Lord High Chancellor – the highest judicial officer in England, speaker of the House of Lords, member of the Cabinet, and presides at appellate judicial proceedings

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Lord High Chancellor:
English law.

1. The highest judicial officer in England.  *  The Lord High Chancellor sits as speaker of the House of Lords, is a member of the Cabinet, and presides at appellate judicial proceedings. — aka Lord Chancellor; Keeper of the King’s Conscience. [1]

1. The presiding officer of the House of Lords in Great Britain.
     Historically, the highest judicial officer in the kingdom, in rank superior to every temporal lord, created by the mere delivery to his custody of the king’s great seal, a privy counsellor and prolucutor of the house of lords by prescription.  he had the appointment of all justices of the peace, was keeper of the king’s conscience, visitor int he king’s right of all hospitals and colleges, the general guardian of all infants, idiots, and lunatics, and supreme judge of the court of chancery.  See 3 Bl Comm 47. [2]


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