counselor – a lawyer or barrister, a term usually used to reference one who is acting as a courtroom advocate

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n. (13c)

1.Advice or assistance; opinion given as the result of consultation <the lawyer’s counsel was to petition immediately for a change of immigration status>.

2. One or more lawyers who, having the authority to do so, give advice about legal matters; especially, a courtroom advocate <the client acted on advice of counsel>. — In the singular, also termed counselor; counselor-at-law.

3. English law. A member of the bar; BARRISTER. [1]

1. A counselor; an attorney at law; one or more attorneys representing parties in an action. Ludiam v Broderick, 15 NJL 269, 270.
     See attorney at law; of counsel. [2]

1. An attorney; an attorney representing a party in a legal action; legal counsel.
     See assigned counselof counselright to counsel. [3]


1. Advising; deliberating with another to aid him in coming to a conclusion. [2]


1. A lawyer; one who, having the authority to do so, gives advice about legal matters; especially, a courtroom advocate.  See COUNSEL (2). [1]

1. See counselor at law; chamber-counselor. [2]

An attorney. [3]

counselor at law:

1.See COUNSEL (2).

1. An attorney who has been duly admitted to the bar and presently qualified to practice law; an advising lawyer. 7 Am J2d Attys § 1.
     See chamber-counselor; of counsel. [2]


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