§ 2 – Assess Injuries and Losses:

     This page is continued from the Civil Law Self-Help Walkthrough >>>> Section 1. Which type(s) of Action(s) caused the Injuries and/or Losses?


     Now that you’ve assessed which type(s) of tort(s) and/or breach of contract caused you an injury and/or loss, now it is time to assess which types of injuries and/or losses were suffered. 

Note:Injuriesalso include injuries to your legal rights, such as your first amendment rights, right to due process, right to occupancy, and so on.

injuries – includes physical wounding of one’s body or a non-physical injuries such as injuries to ones legal rights, or to one’s property.

loss – the decrease or total diminishing in value of property, usually in an unexpected or relatively unpredictable way, or the act of losing something that is gone and cannot be recovered, such as a life or friendship, etc.



     Once you are finished with section one, time to move on to

Section 3. Are you seeking a Legal Remedy (money damages), an Equitable Remedy (nonmonetary injunctive relief), or Both?


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